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Detroit’s tech sector in the 21st century

Detroit’s tech sector traditionally falls in line with the region’s automotive and manufacturing industry, this includes the human resources and technology used to design, build material, parts and processes that are used to assemble many forms of transportation for the international and North American automotive markets.  For over ten decades the automotive industry was the main focus of state of Michigan’s tech sector, Chrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors and many of their subsidiaries and local vendors have hired some of the brightest designers and engineers to design and build the cars of the future and these people made up the majority populous of Detroit’s tech sector.
Today our region’s tech sector is becoming more diversified, companies such as Compuware and Microsoft which recently opened a Microsoft Technology Center and cited Detroit as a “cloud friendly” city and Google have opened offices inAnn Arbor andDetroit.

Near the WayneStateUniversitydistrict, Tech Town houses science and technology focused companies that also offer mentoring programs for students and entrepreneurs. TechTown contains many starts up tech centric companies and their business leaders’ hold networking events and round table discussions to learn from each other and share ideas.

Various automation companies in the region still focus on technologies such as robotics and laser scanning that applies to Detroit’s automotive industry.  Due to determined focus on sustainable energy, the “Big Three” has varied its talent to include various research and development projects developing electric vehicles solutions such as; designing and manufacturing batteries and researching the use of compressed air hydrogen and harnessing other natural resources that could be used as energy for engines.

Subsequently including sustainable energy for research and development within the automotive industry and the growth of startups and the established technology companies such as Google and Microsoft making strives inDetroit; our area’s tech sector has a promising and bright future.

Welcome to Detroit’s 21st Century!

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