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Getting a charge into electric vehicles

Electric vehicle owners need to consider many things before they jump into this quickly evolving technology.  One of the top priorities of an EV (electric vehicle) owner is how to charge the batteries as quickly and cost effective as possible.

The preferred method for residential EV owners to charge their electric cars will be at home during off peak energy hours using an electric vehicle charging station.  The current off peak times as defined by DTE Energy (provider of electricity for Detroit Metro) is 11 p.m. to 9 a.m.  Multiple electric vehicle charging station manufacturers are making their products available to EV owners.   One option is SPX Service Solutions who have partnered with DTE Energy to offer a one stop solution where the consumer can select the equipment they need and get it professionally installed.  SPX and DTE Energy are currently offering a rebate to DTE Energy customers who have purchased and Electric Vehicle.

In metro Detroit retailers are beginning to install Charging stations in select public locations.  Doing a quick Google maps search for electric charging stations in Michigan will result in 5 public stations in the Metro Detroit area.  Future plans have charging station providers installing their stations at Home Depot, McDonalds and Public Parking Lots with completion times in 2011.  Senator Carl Levin and Governor Rick Snyder are both actively involved in Legislation and Manufacturing support for bringing Electric Vehicle Charging Station Technology to Michigan.  They have realized the economic and environmental success of the Electric vehicle and are actively moving the technology forward.

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