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Light rail plans for Woodward Ave in Detroit, Michigan

The Woodward light rail project could offer sustainable, reliable transportation to residence, commuters and tourists around the city of Detroit.  The current plans have a light rail system running north and south down Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.  The Detroit Department of Transportation has the project broken down into two possible phases.

Phase 1: Downtown Detroit to West Grand Boulevard

  • This phase is approximately 3.4 miles and will be advanced as expeditiously as possible with the necessary federal approvals.

Phase 2: West Grand Boulevard to Eight Mile Road

  • Utilizing the same vehicles and maintenance facility as Phase 1, this portion of the project will complete Detroit’s initial light rail project and set the stage for future growth of the regional system.

These plans would efficiently move workers, school kids and tourists around the city to and from local business such as Compuware and Quicken Loans, the Detroit Institute of Arts and to the General Motors Renaissance Center without have to load up and move vehicles in and out of parking spots.

Routing could expand as far out as into the suburbs of Detroit.  Doing so would offer Metro Detroit residence efficient transportation in and out of the city.  The Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Lions would benefit from the potential of new traffic into the city as well.  Fans would have a safer, environmentally cleaner and more stress free method of getting to the games.  For example, cities like St. Louis currently have light rail systems that the residence have grown to rely on.  From the airport to the train depot, down to the ballpark, the light rail gets people around avoiding traffic backups from commuters and visitors.

Adding an efficient, sustainable transportation system to Detroit including the suburbs would assist in creating a sustainable, livable city where residence could work, live and play without the financial and logistic restraints of automotive transportation.

Currently the project is on hold pending financial and routing decisions.

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