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You can avoid rising Gas prices

CNG for you and me….

I just pulled away from my local gas pump in Farmington Hills, Michigan wondering if combustion vehicles truly are a transportation method of the past.  Transportation Companies, whether Automotive, Rail, Air, or Water is testing multiple alternative energy options in attempts of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and negative impact on the environment.  One of those cutting edge technologies is Compressed Natural Gas.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than other fossil fuels even though it itself is a fossil fuel.  Natural gas is lighter than air and does not increase the carbon waste in the air we breathe. 

CNG can be used in traditional combustion engines that have been converted into bi-fuel vehicles, or manufacturers can produce CNG vehicles off the production line.  Currently Fiat, Opel, Volkswagen, Citroen, Renault, Volvo and Mercedes sell cars and trucks that run on both CNG and gasoline.  Ford is marketing a Transit Connect CNG retrofit which is not currently available off the production line.   One item to point out is that a current combustion engine vehicle with a CNG retrofit does result in loss of space.  For example a sedan would have CNG tanks installed in the trunk; a truck would have tanks in the bed.  Production CNG vehicles are properly designed where the tanks are under the body.

Today I paid $3.87 per gallon of gasoline.  Is this a lot to pay for gasoline?  Is there an acceptable peak price that consumers are willing to pay?  At the current rates of fuel, there is an estimated 30-60% cost savings when using CNG instead of gasoline.  The CNG also burns cleaner than gas at close to 90% more efficient.

Bringing the reality of CNG powered vehicles to your neighborhood is not as far off as it sounds.  Current vehicles can be retrofitted and new vehicles will become more available from major manufacturers. Yes, CNG vehicles seem extreme, but the infrastructure creation is underway.  There are an estimated 5 stations where you can fill your compressed natural gas tanks in the Metro Detroit area.   You can verify the locations of the stations using this tool

“The potential for natural gas is enormous,” states President Barack Obama during a speech on energy policy at Georgetown University.

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