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Wayne State University, ahead of the curve

Colleges and Universities prepare people for their future, while Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan is preparing for the Earth’s future.

The Parking and Transportation Department at Wayne State University has their eye on Sustainable Transportation projects and lifestyles that will reduce the carbon emissions of their staff, students and local community.  Jeremy Whiting, a member of this team, explains a few of the exciting Sustainable projects in the works today.

Leave the car in the garage, or simply sell it all together if you live in Detroit and attend or work at Wayne State.  Students and staff will begin to see more bike racks around campus allowing bikers easy in and out of class.  Adding to the many bike racks WSU are looking into a Bike-Friendly Certification from The League of American Bicyclists.  Future plans have WSU organizing a bike share program for the campus.  Bike sharing offers the convenience of temporary use of bicycle transportation without the hassles of buying and storing a bike of your own.

The Introduction of the Midtown Connections shuttle service plans to connect WSU, Henry Ford Hospitals and DMC shuttles into one functional, convenient and efficient transportation system for the surrounding neighborhood easing residence transport needs.

WSU surrounding residence will also have the option to “borrow” a car from a care sharing program that is in the works.  This program is planned for everyone in the WSU living area.  Car sharing programs offer the temporary use of a car without all the baggage of owning one of your own.

Jeremy is passionate and excited about the Sustainable Transportation programs at Wayne State University and of the future plans in Detroit itself as he states, “Wayne State is playing a role in all of this, mostly by bringing young people into the city in larger numbers.  There is a huge bike community at WSU. The fact is, young people want to live in walk enabled environments.  Look no further than the re-branding of the Cass Corridor as ‘Midtown’ to show evidence of the trendiness of the area.  A real light rail line (to 8 Mile and beyond) would dramatically improve the area, and the University’s presence in the region.”

Wayne State University, Metro Detroit and beyond will need to focus on these very programs to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

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