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Wayne State University, ahead of the curve

Colleges and Universities prepare people for their future, while Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan is preparing for the Earth’s future. Read more


You can avoid rising Gas prices

CNG for you and me….

I just pulled away from my local gas pump in Farmington Hills, Michigan wondering if combustion vehicles truly are a transportation method of the past.  Transportation Companies, whether Automotive, Rail, Air, or Water is testing multiple alternative energy options in attempts of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and negative impact on the environment.  One of those cutting edge technologies is Compressed Natural Gas.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than other fossil fuels even though it itself is a fossil fuel.  Natural gas is lighter than air and does not increase the carbon waste in the air we breathe.  Read more

Hybrid and electric vehicles help the Motor City get back in charge

Detroit’s Big 3 have big plans for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.  The Motor City was founded on the combustion engine and is striving to make its return using exciting new battery, engine and powertrain technology.

As the world is becoming environmentally conscious, consumers are considering more than price and quality at the dealership lots.  They are considering the environmental impact and financial energy efficiency of the car they take home.  Sure Hybrid and EV cars are more expensive at the initial purchase, but with tax, rebate incentives and reducing or minimizing ever growing costs at the pump, Hybrid and EV cars will offer a return. Read more

Light rail plans for Woodward Ave in Detroit, Michigan

The Woodward light rail project could offer sustainable, reliable transportation to residence, commuters and tourists around the city of Detroit.  The current plans have a light rail system running north and south down Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.  The Detroit Department of Transportation has the project broken down into two possible phases. Read more

Getting a charge into electric vehicles

Electric vehicle owners need to consider many things before they jump into this quickly evolving technology.  One of the top priorities of an EV (electric vehicle) owner is how to charge the batteries as quickly and cost effective as possible. Read more